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Real Estate

John Hughes Company is a licensed real estate firm based in North Carolina that specializes in the strategic deal sourcing of real property and related opportunities.

Whether for a Commercial Firm, Investment Fund, Residential Home Builder, Developer, Owner/Occupier, or Individual Real Estate Investor, learning more about your real estate interest allows us to identify where we can add value.

Our ability to comprehend client interest and apply realistic articulation to an established and constantly expanding network of active local, regional, and national relationships delivers a unique and refreshing perspective in securing desired opportunities and performance across various product types.

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Sample Real Estate Transactions

  • Commercial Real Estate Investment Firm

    133,000 SF Off-Market Acquisition of Class-A, Six-Story, Multi-Tenant Office Building.

  • Residential Home Builder and Developer

    Off-Market Acquisition of Raw Land / Undeveloped Acreage for Multi-Phase Community Development and Neighborhood Construction yielding High-Density Residential Units.

  • Real Estate Capital Investment Firm

    Identification and Acquisition of Stand-Alone GSA Occupied (VA Medical Clinic) Office Building.

  • Owner Occupant and Investor

    Successful Advisory and Purchase of Office Space Expansion for Innovative, Rapidly Scaling Technology Company.

  • Individual Property Owner

    Strategic Sale of Challenging, Undeveloped Split-County/Split-Zoned Commercial Land.


In addition to the physical space, John Hughes Company is a strategic resource partner for your needs in the virtual (cloud) space across the United States.

This includes Cloud, Security, Collaboration, Data Analytics, Network, Data Center, and Managed Services.

Through various technology driven initiatives and solutions, we source the right experience and expertise to help you achieve next-level capability and outcomes for your technology estate.

We can help your organization develop and define a strategy, find a solution and provider, then implement and provide industry-leading client support.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more.

Sample Technology Case Study

Summary of Objectives & Task undertaken by Resource Referral Partner:

  • Complete due diligence on existing hardware and how to transition outdated, legacy hardware to a new IaaS trusted technology transformation partner; build business case for transitioning to the cloud

  • Complete rack elevations to demonstrate any wasted capacity within existing infrastructure leftover from the carve-out

  • Create business case to summarize findings based on business, technical, and financial benefit

  • Bring in expert to review post-care out diligence for legacy IT and hardware structure vs. the organization’s business need.

  • Identify any pending renewals and licensing fees for existing contract(s)

Action & Results:

  • Moved to a cloud provider based on business case specific to the needs of the organization; and, with a provider that could be supported by their IT team.

  • Transformed infrastructure saving 50% monthly cost for data center hosting services.

  • Identified a team of developers who could migrate the underlying database technology for the organization’s in-house application from one database to another to fundamentally change the cost structure of the business while improving performance.

“Our clients look to us to be their trusted advisor and we look to John Hughes Company the same way – our trusted advisor. Their knowledge of the industry, attention to data and passion for their clients, allows us to make the best decisions. John Hughes Company is truly on our team and we are thankful for it!”


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